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Auto Detailing Shop Located in New Oxford, PA

Eric Leonard (owner) has over 25 years experience in auto detailing services and supplies. He has been operating Get the Details Auto Detailing for 27 years, while also working in the detailing and dealer supply industry for the last 18 years. 


Our Story

The founder of DEALERGOODIES, Lynn Palmer, took Eric under his wing in 2004 and trained him in his way of business with DEALERGOODIES. Eric learned a great deal under Lynn’s tutelage. Eric continued on with the company until 2014 when he was presented with the opportunity to work with Vehicles for Change – a company dedicated to training young detailers and aiding them in job placement and/or in starting their own detailing business. 


VFC’s other mission was to donate vehicles to families in need of reliable transportation. Eric gained a great deal professionally and personally from this experience. He returned to detailing cars and working in the dealer supply industry in 2016.  


Over the years, Eric has been certified with detailing products by some of the biggest names in the industry.  Since 2012, Eric has also worked with Meguiars, to assist them in selling and demonstrating detailing supplies at car shows across the country. Along with Meguiars, he has built strong relationships over the years with AutoMagic, Malco, and Griots. 


Eric is a dedicated husband of 30 years and a father to 2 great kids. An avid car enthusiast, Eric 

does not do much that does not involve detailing cars, but in his free time, you may find him on the Susquehanna River jet-skiing with his son, Andrew!

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